What was initially only a platform where to keep in touch with old or new acquaintances has become, over the years, an indispensable marketing tool: We obviously talk about facebook. The use of social media as a marketing platform for your business still has disadvantages. Don’t throw away your social media projects overboard. On the contrary. Just know how to handle these disadvantages. How? Follow the guide.

1. Social media are… social

One would sometimes tend to qualify the social media platforms of asocial judging by the many negative and even hateful reactions that can be read on Twitter and Facebook. So you are warned: if customers feel the need to share their grievances about your product or service to the entire web, they will do so through the social channels of your company. A tip: Treat negative messages as you would in reality. Do not deny the customer’s claim – you would only fuel the negative spiral. Take your problem seriously and let it be known that you are doing everything you can to solve it.

2. Welcome to the social media manager!

Managing a company’s accounts on social media requires time and attention. It even happens that the management facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram… is a part-time or full-time job. Don’t have time to take care of yourself? Name someone in the Community manager position. His work will be to stimulate community sentiment on the social media channels of the company.

What are the key skills of a social media manager? Empathy, the sense of communication, resistance to stress, the ability to solve problems and optimism. Not to mention a good father.

3. What brings you social media marketing?

It is often difficult to evaluate the ROI of your activities on social media. What do these efforts actually bring to your company? The fact that customers feel listened to and united with your company or the improvement of the image of your company in the eyes of the average consumer is difficult to quantify.

You can, on the other hand, keep a close eye on the statistics of the company’s website. Does social media interaction increase the number of visitors? You can easily check it out.

Weigh the for and against social media
Still hesitating about your social media strategy? Fortunately, the benefits are many. Find out here where to start as well as the keys to success.