Want to pimp your interior without overloading furniture and other Deco objects? Nothing simpler, you just have to attack your walls.  Wall decoration with paper craft ideas is easy to do at home.

Wall Decoration with Paper Craft ideas

Here I am going to tell you 5 stunning wall renovation ideas with pictures.

1- Wallpaper

Classic and timeless, the wallpaper has had its hours of fame a few years ago before being dethroned by the wall sticker. Yet a nice wallpaper can make all the difference in an interior. If you are afraid to overload a room with a loaded printed wallpaper, you opt for only one piece of wall. Wow, effect Guaranteed!
Which wallpaper to choose from?

wall decoration with paper craft
It all depends on your desires! Today there are simple ones giving the illusion that your wall has been painted recently(ideal if the sanding and the underlay do not plug you) or others, more worked playing on the textures in sham (effect waxed concrete, for example) up hundredths Completely insane wallpapers adorned with colorful motifs that appear as real works of art!

2- The photos

To dress up and personalize your white walls, the easiest option is to hang your favorite photos and postcards wall decoration with paper craft
For the followers of minimalism, the metal frames are ideal because they come out more on your white walls and also act as decorative objects. Remember to tune your frames to those in your living room (silver if your living room is in cold or golden tones if it is in warm tones).

For the most original, put on wall decorations made from photos. You can order a custom creation or, better, make yourself a wall decoration from your photos. To do this, you just have to delimit a shape on your wall and then fill it with your favorite photos. There you go!

3- The giant shelves

Your style and desires evolve constantly, and this is felt in the decoration of your home? So you’re going to love this trick!
On your white walls, install large thin shelves. For a more modern look, choose transparently.

wall decoration with paper craft

Books, trinkets, photos, small cacti or small indoor plants, candles: accumulate whatever you like on it. You can even set a theme for each shelf if you want to create a bohemian, exotic or Scandinavian atmosphere. When you don’t like it anymore? Just change the layout or objects on your shelves.

4- The Drawings

Hyper original and not yet too seen, wall designs are seriously to consider if you want to dress your walls.

A pale copy of the sticker? Not really, because the drawing leaves you more leeway and above all allows you to play with the colors, unlike the sticker.

wall decoration with paper craft

If you do not have the talent of Picasso, no problem, you can rent an overhead projector that will allow you to reproduce a drawing on your wall with an unbelievable ease.
Another cheaper and more regressive option: Layer paper!

Color side, you are free to choose the ones that tempt you.

5- The cable of lamp XXL

Creative and singular, this trick is perfect if you do not want to transform your interior but simply bring a little more to a wall a little too “naked” or if the cable too long your lamp will irritate you.

Pencil The shape you want to give to your cable or display it squarely on the wall if you have an overhead projector. Tag the strategic points of your small pitons shape as you push through the wall and pass the cable through. There you go!

If you know more about wall decoration with paper craft please do comment in the comment section.